Formula One: Pinnacle of motorsport, global sport, 500 million fans globally,

automotive industry, billions of dollars, politicians, world champions, parties,

superyachts, celebrities, geniuses, leaders, rank and file, egomaniacs,

psychopaths, con artists, charlatans, hypocrites, liars, scammer, locusts,

fate, luck, misfortune, death: F1!

Tara Ramos has been part of this unique cosmos for years. The paddock is his home. You live together, travel together, party together, you have friends, you have enemies, you love the reds because they are the reds and you hate the silver ones – or vice versa. Hardly ever more than six days in the same place. A time-lapse life out of the suitcase. You do your own thing. With the GR1D Club Tara Ramos has established the coolest party series in Formula One. Who is in is in.

Very few get rich, and the bon mot, how the fastest way to become a millionaire in Formula One – by starting as a billionaire - seems to be eternal. One of the people this phrase applies to is one of the characters in this book. He is/was a team owner and a friend, but the crash from a billionaire to a simple millionaire makes him breach the trust. Another is a top manager and team principal of a German automobile manufacturer. His relationship with the truth semms to depend on his daily mood and opportunity. In a dispute over a lucrative sponsorship deal, the fallen billionaire and the top manager behave like vultures.

The eBook offers fascinating added value: Links to explosive original conversation recordings, legal documents, contracts, music, presentations, social media accounts and movies. The reader enters into interaction with the content and gets an unprecedented insight behind the closed doors of the premier class of motorsport.

When I started in Formula One a handshake meant something - it was as good as a written in stone agreement. Even if you had to deal with people that where sailing close to the wind. That’s all gone. Today it is only safe to have handshake agreements with people who have good memories and people who want to remember, but only remember the excuses they always make. That’s why you need 400 page contracts and four lawyers.

- Bernie Ecclestone

(exclusively for the lucky clown of the circus)