Tara has been working in Formula One® for the past 20 years, managing

accounts, creating unique events and hosting celebrities from the music

and film industry. He has planned and created events such as the amazing

consumer events for Mild Seven and has been managing the fabulous

Kingfisher Party on the M/Y Indian Empress Superyacht in Monaco at the

annual Formula One® Grand Prix.

For several F1® teams, he hosted celebrities that are invited guests to

feel the thrill of a Formula One® racing weekend. On the course, he has

founded the well-known post-race party series GR1D CLUB™, which

is successfully running ever since 2013 at various GPs.

I always loved the saying: chose a job you love, and you never have to work one day in your life - and that is what I was lucky to find. Also, most people that know me would say that they have never seen me working. But trust me, even I have to pay rent, and I was not equipped with a fully loaded bank account from my family. And this career might come along with some risks, too, if you chose your commercial freedom. And on top of that, you have to make sure you get to keep that job you love.

Finding what you love is naturally the first step, and I was blessed with the ability to master any task that I was given so far by observing and researching how to accomplish the goal.

Even though I am involved in the Formula One racing business, I was never interested in racing. Probably for the reason that I sucked when stepping into a go-cart even though everyone said to me that I had the right body height and weight to be the perfect racer.

I never really wanted to get famous and always tried to stay in the background with whatever I did. Enjoying from a distance was, for me, a much greater pleasure for whatever reason. I also never wanted to get rich, and money was never a genuine motivation for the things I did and how I did them.

Of course, every human being enjoys the fruits of their success and is proud of things that went well. In this regards, luck was always on my side, and it feels like I had sold my soul even before I had one to sell. And when it comes to luck, I truly believe that there must be an equilibrium in the universe that regulates that, too. Looking at one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, Michael Schumacher, then I would say that he had luck so many times when he was protected by a guardian angel that would safe him from harm being involved in racing accidents. But then it seemed that he ran out of luck after retiring from professional racing - made me think.

I am grateful for what I was able to experience and how my life unfolded over the past two and a half decades. I am very honoured to have met some of the most remarkable people, travelled to beautiful countries and experienced some incredible emotions.

Some of those stories are written down in this book; some truly unbelievable, some of them funny and some just crazy.

Why did I even write all of this down? The initial reason was the outcome of the penultimate chapter, combined with the two preceding chapters. Even though I have experienced them myself, reading them repeatedly, they feel like a crime thriller with an incredible cast from F1.

In writing down that particular story, I remembered that when I am having dinner with friends, who are not involved in Formula One racing, I always get curious questions about the life of the circus that are not visible to outsiders.